Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Third Project

Okay, so... I've decided that there is a third project that I want to work on. That makes three.

This "third project" is an overhead shooter called Cave Runner, which is about fighting through procedurally generated caves in a little ship that the player constructs by putting together parts. The ship is made up of a nose piece, a rear piece, and two side pieces. These pieces are unlocked as the player plays the game more. Many of these have weapons, and all contribute to the ship's armor and speed. Mostly, the nose has weapons, the rear has speed, and the sides have armor and weapons; there are exceptions to this, though, including side thrusters and rear guns.

I will work on this more today (it's around 3AM here as I'm writing this), and it will hopefully come out well.

I know that I want to make this an artistic game. I will be able to find some source of artistic merit for it, I'm sure. That being said, that'll be for later today.

Also, I will be working more on Afternoon Adventures today and hopefully have some kind of prototype of map movement by this evening. (By "map movement" I mean movement in the world between battles)

Here's hoping today is productive, huh?

Peace, love, and lots of work to do,

--- Henry

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