Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Purpose for This Blog

Well, having resurrected my other blog, I have decided that this blog will be philosophical. I will discuss my thoughts about games, game design, and sometimes techniques or algorithms that I find.

I want to start with an idea that I had about the direction I'd like to take as a developer. I want to make peaceful games.

It's not out of a sense of pacifism, since I'm not a pacifist. It's not because violent games cause violent behavior, since the jury's still out on that.

It's because peaceful scenes and themes fascinate me. I think that the traditional violent concepts in games aren't the only way to do things and that games can be relaxing and calming as well.

I want to clarify something, though. I don't believe that violent games are necessarily bad or harmful, but that they aren't the only kind of games that can be fun. I'm not saying that hard games are bad, either. They're great and I also enjoy them. But easy games can be fun, too.

My point in this is simple. Games that are peaceful and relaxing can be very fun even though they don't carry much challenge or a strong conflict.

With that being said, my games will tend toward being peaceful for the time being. I want the player to relax while playing my games.

My other blog (yay cross-promoting!) will have more on these games as I work on them.