Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Exploring Outside of Game Development

I've recently hit a wall with game development. It's become harder and harder to work on game projects. Given that, I'm going to be exploring other hobbies alongside game development.

I'm going to be (hopefully) getting a job in the next month or so, which means that I'll have an income and thus money to spend. I'm thinking of getting into electronics and/or robotics. If/when I get good at that, I will find a place to record those projects.

I'm also going to look at other kinds of software project. I'm looking at app development. If I can get the things that are necessary for me to publish on iOS and/or Android, I'll be very happy. Some of my apps will be games, but some will be utilities and others will be "toy" programs. (By toy, I mean entertaining but not really a game)

I'm still going to make games and I will still be writing this blog. Heck, these adventures will hopefully help my game development work.

The first thing I'm going to be working with is making a "toy" app. I'll blog about that as I go.

Peace, love, and a much-needed break,

- Henry

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