Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Code Paintings - An Update and Some Thoughts

Wow, haven't posted in a while!

Well, I've thought a bit about code paintings, and I've come to some conclusions.

First, the strictness of the presentation that I had in mind was misguided, and that the spirit of the idea should lead it.

The single game state and strictly required drop-down menus weren't necessarily the way for me to go. Defining it that tightly wasn't really the best approach.

Second, this isn't the only type of game that I want to make. I'm starting work on an action RPG that will take a very long time to complete; I'll be using code paintings as side projects so that I can take a break from working on that larger project.

I'm going to post updates on these projects on my other blog. That includes both the action RPG and any code paintings that I make.

Peace, love, and busy days,
   - Henry

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